What do I do now?

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I found myself recently in a situation that I didn’t know the answers to, didn’t see anything but struggle coming from it. I saw no way out but failure, and no idea on what to do to move forward. I was struggling with the thoughts of past failures with situations like this one, dwelling on my past failures just brought me into a world of doubt, fear, and defeat. So what do we do? What do we do when we find ourselves in situations similar to this?

I found during this time, after failing to do so many times before in tough situations such as this one, turning to God is the best and ONLY thing for us to do. It’s there with Him, seeking Him, searching for His guidance, truth and His wisdom to be the answers on what to do next. It’s there I found the truth that I needed to hear, the truth that moved me forward, the truth that set me free from my situation and living defeated in the past situations before this one. So, if you’re going through something that is bigger than you, I can tell you from the experience of not doing this and doing this, going to God with it is the best way to go, ALWAYS!!!

I started digging into a book that I had picked up a few times but never read all the way through called, “Just like Jesus,” by Max Lucado. I also highly recommend this book if you haven’t already read it!

It was in this book, reading about Jesus and the qualities of His heart (who He is), it was there that I realized a big time truth. After reading through how Jesus remained so at peace and peaceful, how He continued to serve with the most pure love and devotion to others, all in the context of difficult circumstances. I found myself thinking, “wow, Jesus is amazing to be that way and still go through tough situations.” But then I went back to my defeated thinking of, “it doesn’t matter because of reason x, y, and z of the ways I’ve done things in the past and failed miserably, that’s who I am and I don’t have a chance.

You see there’s truth in both of those facts of who Jesus is, and who I am. I saw a question and answer in the book that really broke through the way I was thinking. The question was simple, “How could I ever have the heart of Jesus?” Unlike my thoughts just now that made this seem impossible because of the weak and sinful ways of my own self, the answer of truth here is, “we already do have the heart of Jesus!!!

What???! That doesn’t make any sense right? Well Galatians 2:20 mentions clearly from Paul, “Christ lives in me.” I have so often been putting this separation from the ways of Jesus and the ways of me then having a thought life that told me, “I am this broken person who can’t handle this, I’ll never be like Jesus.” My problem and the problem many of us face is we separate the truth of who Jesus is and the truth of who we are. But if we are born again believers, who have a personal relationship with the Son of God, then there is no separation that should be made. Jesus is one with us and we are one with Jesus, He has came into our hearts and made that His home. With Jesus dwelling in our hearts and living as one within us, we don’t have to spend any longer in this broken, defeated mindset of fear, doubt, and disbelief. Jesus is living within us, through us and we no longer have to attack the tough situations of our lives alone, for He is with us and His power flows through us. There is NO separation, unless we make separation happen by the way we believe the lies of the enemy and the wrong thinking we let reign over our lives. The truth is the truth and nobody, nothing or no tough situation no matter how bad can separate us from this truth that Jesus resides in us, works through us, and through Him we can live victorious lives even in the context of difficult circumstances.

You may ask, if this is true, then why do I still think the way I do? Why do I still mess up quite often?

The answer I’ve found to be true is where is your eyes? What are you focusing on? Where are your thoughts dwelling?

“1 Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. 2 Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. 3 For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.”

There’s a BIG change that takes place in our lives when our eyes and focus go from ourselves, our weaknesses and failures, “earthly things,” as it mentions here. The change comes when we move from that way of living to fixing our eyes on Jesus, “set your mind on things above.” Why does this change the way we live? Because in keeping our eyes upward we see the truth that we have been raised with Christ to new life, we once were the sum of all our past mistakes and failures but as we become one with Christ, our address changes, we are now Children of God with an eternal address there with Him in Heaven. That old life, that defeated mindset that has caused us so much grief and failure, it’s GONE!! Where did it go? In the past, where it belongs when it was just us at the helm of our lives. Now our past, every failure, sin, and moment of defeat, it’s dead and our lives are now hidden in Christ. There is no separation, we are ONE with Christ as we find ourselves hidden behind His reign in our lives.

So where do we go from here? We believe the truth and put those lies to the side. We may still mess up and go our own way time to time but NOTHING, I mean NOTHING changes the truth of who we are in Christ and the awesome power He brings to our lives as He allows us to be peaceful in times of turmoil. He gives us wisdom in times of confusion. Strength in times of weakness. We no longer have to live in the way it used to be because Jesus has changed the way it is now!!!!

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24 year old dude with not a clue what he's doing but God's grace continues to amaze me! Current Seminary student, avid adventure seeker, and getting married to the most humble, weird, and beautiful girl on the planet! Wasted a lot of years living what I thought was the "good life", then Christ showed me what living really is. I pray that my story can somehow help in whatever way possible, to give encouragement and hope that Christ can do the same with you.

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