Word Wednesday: Eklektos

God Gold of the day

Thankful today to share a special Word Wednesday message from a historically minded theologian and great friend; RC Sloan!

[Eklektos]——->Chosen, Elect

“So, as those who have been chosen of God, holy and beloved, put on a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience…”

Colossians 3:12

The Greek word eklektos is often rendered as “elect” for obvious reasons in the New Testament, but its meaning is probably more clear when translated as “chosen”. The concept of God’s people being chosen by God from before the foundation of the world is woven throughout Scripture so firmly and so prevalently that it is clear that the Lord wants us to sit up and take notice.

In fact, “eklektos” is just the Greek rendering of the Hebrew word “bahír”, as used in places such as Psalm 105:43:

“And He brought forth His people with joy, His chosen ones (bahír) with a joyful shout.”

From Old Testament to New, from eternity past to eternity future, the Lord God has chosen His people out from the nations and secured their destiny with Him. The old hymn that says “there’s a new name written down in glory” might have its heart in the right place, but the writer definitely didn’t have a good hold on the concept of “eklektos” and “bahír”—there aren’t any new names written down, because our names were written down as part of the Master Plan of Redemption before God created light!

If that doesn’t excite you, check your heart, bro!

Once saved, always saved? A THOUSAND TIMES YES. It is GOD who brings forth His chosen people with a shout of joy, it is Jesus who tells us in Mark chapter 13 that He will gather His eklektos from the ends of the earth, and back in Romans 8 we are reminded that God calls His eklektos according to His unbreakable foreknowledge and predestination. Eternally secure? CHECK.

So what do we do now as the eternally chosen eklektos/bahír?

Act like it. Conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the name. Handle yourself in a way that shows that you have a glimpse of understanding of the ramifications that the Ancient of Days secured your place in His kingdom before He built the solar system. Colossians 3:12-13 is a good start but above all else:

Word Wednesday: “Xapa”

God Gold of the day

[Xapá] ——> Joy (Chara)

The Greek word for “joy” is chara, derived from the word charis, which is the Greek word for grace. This is important to note, for it tells us categorically that chara (“joy”) is produced by the charis (“grace”) of God. This means “joy” isn’t a human-based happiness that comes and goes. Rather, true “joy” is divine in origin, a fruit of the Spirit that is manifested particularly in hard times. Someone may feel happiness, merriment, hilarity, exuberance, excitement, or “high spirits,” but all of these are fleeting emotions. On the other hand, “joy” is a Spirit-given expression that flourishes best when times are strenuous, daunting, and tough!

The word happiness emboldens visions of unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning, strolling hand in hand with the one you love, being surprised on your birthday, responding with unbridled laughter to a comedian, or vacationing to an exotic locale. Everyone wants to be happy; we make chasing this elusive ideal a lifelong pursuit: spending money, collecting things, and searching for new experiences. But if happiness depends on our circumstances, what happens when the toys rust, loved ones die, health deteriorates, money is stolen, and the party is over? Often happiness flees despair sets in.

In contrast to happiness stands [Joy]. Running deeper and stronger, [Joy] is the quiet confident assurance of Gods love and work in our lives — that he will be there no matter what! Happiness depends on happenings, but [Joy] depends on Christ.

He is an example given in First Thessalonians 1:6, the Thessalonians were under great stress due to persecution; yet in the midst of it all, they continued to experience great joy. In fact, the Greek strongly implies that their supernatural joy was due to the Holy Spirit working inside them. Paul even called it the “joy of the Holy Ghost.”

Word Wednesday

God Gold of the day

Word Wednesday:
[Phos] ——> Light

[Phos] is a term meaning “illumination, or light which is perceived either with the senses or spiritually.”

We can see there are many occasions where light is used in the Bible. Jesus is the light that completely takes over the darkness and can’t be overtaken. If you are feeling down, look for the light [phos]. It is near for it cannot be hidden. “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it” says John 1:5.
BUT, it’s doesn’t stop there! We are not just suppose to look at the light for ourselves. Matthew 5:15 says “neither do people light a lamp and put it under a basket. Instead, they set it on a lamp stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.”

I encourage you to seek the light today. If you have found the light, let someone else see!

LITERAL LIGHT; illumination provided by sunlight, burning, incandescence or other source; or sources of light, such as lamps.
Mt.17.2. Lk.8.16; 22.56. Jn.11.9. Act.9.3; 12.7; 16.29; 22.6,9,11; 26.13.

FIGURATIVELY, GOD OR JESUS THE ANOINTED ONE, OR THEIR WORDS AS THE SOURCE OF LIGHT which can enlighten the minds of humans concerning God’s will. Eighteen times, God’s light is contrasted to spiritual “darkness.”
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Word Wednesday: “Diakonia”

God Gold of the day

Word Wednesday:
[Diakonia] ——> Service

[Diakonia] is a term meaning “service, to serve, to render selfless service unto. Can refer to helps and service of various kinds which can range in meaning from spiritual biblical teaching (Acts 6:4) to the practical giving of provisions, supplies, support, and finances to those in need. (2 co 9:12)

[Diakonia] is also the worldwide movement of those commitment to the vision of Christian service, action, and justice making.

When I was doing some research, I could help but see the statement “to render selfless service unto.” This rattles me, I want to “render selfless service unto The Father” no matter the cost or restriction. We have seen over and over again where God does the impossible for those that believe and trust in him. Are you willing to