Sunday God Gold

God Gold of the day

Sunday morning got you bored? No church to go to? Looking for some worship and good Word??? Or maybe you don’t do the whole “church” thing and want to see what all the “online church service” buzz is about!
Well, look no farther!!! Thankfully, churches are posting their services online on facebook and many other outlets! The God Gold wants to share a few of the services taking place with you this morning with the hope that despite the conditions and situations we are facing around us, you may be encouraged and find some peace in the truth being preached to you right where you’re at today!!!
If your church is posting online service, SHARE IT!!! Get the Word out to everyone you can! You never know who might be watching and the impact one service may have on them!

Let’s make Jesus famous today and each day moving forward!!!

Below I’ve posted a few different links to LIVE church services taking place today for your viewing pleasure! Hope it can be an encouragement as you find some uplifting truth in such a down time!