Mid-Week Funny

God Gold of the Day

For all you Chik-fil-A lovers out there, ENJOY!!! I’m right there with you! Hope this can give you a laugh today to lighten your load as you finish up the week strong!!! And maybe this will influence your lunch choice today to go to the one place that always makes any day better!!! CHIK-FIL-A 4 LYFE!!!!!

Mind-Blowing Gold

God Gold of the day

Super thankful for my father-in-law, Mr. Steve, sharing this MIND BLOWING piece of God Gold with me and even more thankful for this opportunity to share it with you today! Just going to leave this here for you! Let the mind blowing begin….

Mid-Week Mining: “There is Purpose in the Pain”

God Gold of the day

What’s up God Gold family!! Hope you’re all having an AWESOME day! I just wanted to take a moment of your day today and share with you this message from Pastor Craig Groeschel that has been such a big encouragement along with a HUGE perspective boost for me. I pray this message will have the same affect if not greater for you today!

My BIG Take-away’s from the sermon:

  • Sometimes God’s preperation for us comes packaged as pain.
  • God allows us to go through pain in us so that He can work through us.
  • Don’t just see “pain” as just “pain,” but see it in the perspective of “purpose”
  • The very thing the enemy wants to use to harm you, God will strengthen you.

Mid-Week Mining: “Depends on Whose Hands it’s in”

God Gold of the day

What’s going on God Gold fam!!! Hope you’re having an awesome day and staying safe during this time! Wanted to share this video with you today that a close friend sent to me recently. I don’t know who this guy is in the video but WOW!!!! WHAT AN AWESOME AND UPLIFTING MESSAGE!!!! When I recieved this message I was in the midst of worrying and trying to place everything in my own hands. What’s cool to know is that we don’t have to hold all of our troubles in our own hands because Jesus has already held them in His so we can live freely and victoriously in His abundance!!!! Enjoy this quick boost of encouragement and let it shift your perspective today!!!!

Mid-Week Mining: “Family in Quarantine”

God Gold of the day

Thankful today for my good buddy Dylan who saw this gold and sent it my way! Beyond excited to share it with you because in this image, there is a message that comes from SOOO deep in the mine!!!! What a piece of GOD GOLD and how fitting for the time and circumstances we are in! Stay strong, stay safe, and lean in! God is up to something right now and knowing God, it’s going to be BIG!!!! Have an awesome day!