Champion Faith

God Gold of the Day

Saw this quote today from Tony Bennett, the University of Virginia’s head basketball coach. Last night if you didn’t already know, his team won the biggest prize in college basketball, the National Championship! It’s always cool to see people like Tony express their relationship with Christ and speak of their faith on a bigger platform but to think, this guy just won the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! He’s accomplished the biggest goal he possibly can in his coaching career, BUT even when he’s got it all. He’s reached the top of the mountain, what more could he have or want that’s bigger than that??!?

In last night’s post-game press conference Coach Bennett shared a statement that shows that NOTHING in this world, no level of success, no accomplishment, amount of money or possessions amount to the greatest to a relationship with Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior!!!! This is the quote from Coach Bennett! Praise God for his faithfulness on such a large, widely viewed platform! Makes you think a lot about the platform God has given you! It doesn’t take it being big and famous for your faith to be heard and impact others lives for Christ! If this man can share his faith on this big of a platform, ask yourself how you are using the platform God has given you, even if its smaller, any platform God has given you is big. Ask yourself, “how am I using what God has given me to share His awesome truth and gift of LIFE with others?”

And I may have used the restroom beside Coach Bennett during my time working at the Hyatt Hotel as a bellman. Just saying…. It was the most surprising potty time I’ve ever had! Sorry couldn’t let the opportunity pass by! Enjoy this and have a super awesome day!

“I have great things in my life — my love for my wife, my love for my family, my love for coaching, my love for basketball,” he said in 2014. “Those are wonderful things, but when you line them up in comparison to Christ and the relationship you have with Him, with what He’s done for you and with what He’s given you, they don’t compare. That’s the greatest truth I know.”