Testimony Moment: Adam Tomberlin

God Gold of the day

Today’s testimony is a little different….. instead of a story of what God has done throughout someone’s life, it’s a moment of God working in their life bringing out a story has changed their life and we pray it changes yours today!

Question Challenge: How are you using the blessings God has given you? To serve yourself or to serve others?

Coronavirus Front Lines: Harold Lunsford

God Gold of the day

In a time where there is so much “bad news” of tragedy and turmoil surrounding the world, I am so thankful to share with you such a real-life example of the GOOD that God is working behind the scenes!!! My Papa, Harold Lunsford, sent me a text early last week asking for prayer for himself and others as they have been faithfully serving on the BGEA 24/7 Coronavirus Prayer Line team. What is this? And what is so good about it? Check out the story below for all the details! I promise you, you will not be disappointed! And at the bottom, stay tuned for the CHALLENGE from this piece of God Gold for you along with the link to the prayer line for you either to serve or give them a call if you need the help!

 “What an honor and great blessing it is to serve with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. This week I have been serving on the BGEA 24/7 Coronavirus Prayer Team! Franklin Graham is doing a 60 second TV spots on Fox News, CNN and some of the major networks. He gives the plan of salvation and a telephone number. (888)388-2683 to call day or night to Trained Christian response team members ready to listen and offer prayer and encouragement! 

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” — Psalm 46:1

 Wednesday, March 25, 4,500 calls came in to the Call Center and 55 decisions for Christ, Thursday, March 26, 7,753 more calls came in and have documented 311 decisions for the day! Praise God for the harvest!  Kristyn called the Prayer Line and the phone call was taken by one of our team members who has a Catholic background. Kristyn started the conversation by sharing, “i’m Catholic and don’t feel very worthy and need Jesus.”  Kristyn was asked if she wanted to have a greater peace with God and was taken through Steps to Peace with God. She then prayed the sinner’s prayer. Afterward, Kristyn handed the phone to her sister. Our team member prayed for both of them and let them know they would be receiving follow-up materials. 
  Another Team Member spoke with Isaiah who is in the hospital with Coronavirus…He has been watching Rev. Franklin Graham on TV and has been convinced he needs Jesus, but he has been prideful and not able to humble himself to accept Jesus. Isaiah was in Afghanistan and Iraq for 13 years and has seen many atrocities committed by others and himself. He was convinced God could not forgive him. He confessed his sins out loud, and prayed the prayer of salvation after many tears and great brokenness!  This is just two instances of what God is doing through BGEA Coronavirus Prayer Line!
  Thank you Jordan for letting me share what God is doing with a simple 60 second commercial and a group of people who are willing to listen to people who are Anxious, fearful and hurting! Jesus is standing at the door knocking, let Him in and be your Lord and Savior!”

-Harold Lunsford

WOW!!!! Isn’t that awesome news to hear of the lives God is saving during a time filled with so much fear and death!!! For my Papa, and so many others that are serving on this team, I ask you take some time to pray for them and the people they are serving literally each hour of the day that God will continue to use them in a mighty way as they reach others with the Good News of Jesus!!!

A challenge for you, if you think you have no way to serve during this time with all of the “social distancing” rules and quarantines, THINK AGAIN!!! I want to brag on my Papa real quick, a man who has served Christ in all of the US on mission and in local churches for years. Now, in his 70’s, he is taking on the task of raising two children who are below the age of 10 years old. With that already being such a daunting task that takes all of the energy and strength you would need for it, he still finds time, sometimes taking shifts on this phone team at 12am-2am in the morning to serve the Lord by serving others and being there for them in such a time of crisis for them. All for the glory and spread of Christ, against all the odds, he makes no excuses, he just faithfully serves. So as much of an encouragement and example this was for me, I pray it will be the same for you! If you think there isn’t a way to serve others in this time, there is always a way and opportunities all around us! If he has no excuses and finds a way to serve despite all on his plate, we have no excuse to take on the same attitude and action in our own lives!!!

Challenge for all of us today: Lay the excuses aside and serve. We have plenty of avenues and ways to do so, people are in need of Jesus!!! Let’s take Jesus to them and give them LIFE during such a death filled time!!!

Prayer line video and Link:

Link to Website: lp.billygraham.org/bgea-prayer-line