Be that Somebody

God gold of the day

Walked into a gas station late one night and the lady behind the register said, “hey sir, how are you doing? Welcome to Circle K!” A big smile painted all over her face and at first I thought “that’s different,” usually when you walk into a gas station of all places it’s rare to get such a welcoming and warm response from the person behind the counter. But I thought maybe it’s just me, then as I looked for my pack of juicy fruit I listened as this woman greeted every single person that walked through the door with the same warm greeting! “Hey, how you doing today, welcome to Circle K.” Even if people came in back to back or if she had a customer she was checking out, she didn’t seem to miss a beat. It struck me as odd because usually a job behind a gas station counter is one of the lower paying jobs around and usually the attitudes of gas station workers I’ve encountered over the years is in a lower place on the welcoming and smiling spectrum. But this woman was different, she took her job seriously and she gave it all she had to give, even though I’m sure she wasn’t asked to, she gave anyways.

She was a welcomed surprise (no pun intended) in a world of bad attitudes and poor spirited individuals. I took such a great lesson from her that night as I watched her continue to embrace and successfully over achieve at a job that she could easily like so many others with this job, not care and not try. It was obvious that her heart was shown to each customer and felt by many!

I thought so much from this random woman behind a cash register and I had only known her through one sentence!

A gentleman was checking out in front of me and the two were talking as if they knew each other I guess from years of living in the same community. The old man asked the cashier how her baby was doing before he exited the store and she paused for a moment, sighed and said; “we’re getting by.” It was obvious that getting by was far from what was actually taking place in the woman’s life.

It stopped me dead in my tracks, how could a woman with a baby and obvious problems financially and most likely larger than that; how could she possibly have such a huge smile on her face? How could she radiate with such amazing amounts of joy as she welcomed each and every customer that stepped foot into her store. Struggling, working a job with little advancement possibilities, while taking care of and providing for her baby, but she smiled anyways, served anyways, went above and beyond anyways, and loved anyways with such a simple sentence of; “hey, how are you doing today? Welcome to Circle K!”

What an example this woman is for any of us that are struggling to make ends meet, providing for others or going through any tough situation. Wow, what an example for us to learn from and live in!

Before the old man exited the store, after hearing the woman’s response of “we’re getting by,” in a much different tone than her welcome, he walked behind the register with money in his hand and said, “here you go, this is for that baby of yours, you keep pushing through!”

It was such little moments but once again I watched God’a mighty hand at work in such simple ways!!!! Another great example and lesson from this old man to give, put self aside and give to those who are in need! Anyone could have watched the way this woman worked so hard and went above and beyond with the simple word; why? Why would you give so much when you get so little? After hearing about her struggle, once again; how? How can you remain joyful and having a heart to serve others while going through all this bad?

I don’t know the answers but I think the only answer is God. Only God can bring us through tough situations and give us all and then some of what we need to continue serving Him faithfully! I watched as the woman’s faith was displayed for all to see and I also watched how God takes care of, provides and blesses those who remain faithful even in the worst of times!

From the lessons of this woman and this old man, I could talk all night about the gold to be taken away here but I just pray that you too learn from these awesome faithful examples of love and service! And I simply challenge you today if you are going through something difficult, if you find yourself in a place that seems like it isn’t enough or not good enough for what you need, trust God and smile on!!! Keep loving and serving others with all you got despite the odds, for as you’ve seen, God will always take care of you!!!

And for the one who sees the opportunity to give or love someone in need, I challenge you to reach out to someone, give them exactly what they need, whether that’s money or an encouraging word! Don’t sit by and focus on yourself, God had called you for so much more, take time to reach out by a text, phone call or any opportunity that opens up and give yourself to others! Speak encouragement and bless others with the love from Jesus that lives within your heart! It doesn’t have to be some big grand gesture, just keep it simple because as we’ve seen God works in extremely simple ways! Be that somebody today that reached out with a smile, speaks a warm welcome of encouragement or gives themselves to others around you!!! It’s why we’re here and what it’s all about!!!

Son-day Surprise

God Gold of the Day

I hope everyone has an awesome Sunday! Worship your tails off, get fed with some good Word, and get some rest for the week ahead! And I almost forgot for you Southerners, enjoy your fried chicken!!!

In the link below is a story I ran across earlier in the week and GEEZ!!! It is so powerful!! It’s absolutely crazy how God works things together and how God has no time table for His work! The story of this missionary is such a great example of planting Gospel seeds into people’s lives. You may never ever see the impact and lives changed from the seeds you plant but KEEP PLANTING!!! It may be 50 or 100 years down the road and these seeds are sprouting up like wild fire! Such a great reminder to plant, plant, and plant the good news of Jesus Christ into as many lives as possible in as many ways as possible and even if you don’t see an immediate harvest, that’s okay! Have faith that only God can make seeds grow, that God is always working things together for a big harvest and He works on a different time table than us! Don’t plant so you can see, plant in faith, the unseen and trust in the best farmer there ever was, God! It’s limitless what He can do with a few seeds planted here and there! Hope this story is an encouragement to you and God stirs your heart to plant, PLANT IN FAITH!!!!

Missionary died thinking he was a failure; 84 years later thriving churches found hidden in the jungle

God’s Gold is Real

God Gold of the Day

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere—in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.””

‭‭-Acts of the Apostles‬ ‭1:8‬ ‭


As you can see, the scripture is the same as yesterday’s. Why? Because this piece of God’s Word can’t be stressed enough to us as believers!! Jesus shows us here the power that He has given us in the Holy Spirit and the purpose behind why He gave us this power. The purpose is simply being bold in witness, sharing Jesus and what He has done with the world around us! We have been given the POWER, we now see the PURPOSE behind the POWER. God has given us everything to witness for His awesome name! Taking the true and abundant LIFE He has given us and sharing Him with others, planting seeds of the Good News in them that may sprout into them experiencing this awesome LIFE with God too!

I mentioned yesterday the conviction that this message left me with. Outside of these messages, I’ll be honest, my witness doesn’t go very far. You can call me a comfortable Christian talking behind a screen but when it comes to putting the Gold that God gives us to action, I so often just stay in the talk and hide from the walk. I felt convicted too because if I’m typing out these messages to you and telling you how great God’s Gold is, shouldn’t I be using the challenges I give to you in my own life and tell others how great God’s Gold is at every opportunity? I should, and as we discovered yesterday, Jesus has given us the power through the gift of the Holy Spirit that enables us to walk in His purpose to continue His Ministry being a witness for the Kingdom of God. After yesterday’s message I felt almost sick to stomach at how I’ve daily looked past this awesome opportunity to breathe LIFE into others.

And also, just to give you another realization that made this purpose Christ has left us with even BIGGER!!! I’ve heard multiple stories lately of the evil going on in the world around us. A story of a young girl getting kidnapped and murdered right down the road in Columbia, SC. Mass shootings going on everywhere and people losing their lives in the most random, craziest of situations. Along with all the strife that people are holding against each other over race, religion, sexual orientation, and dang politics. I was talking to my fiancé Sarah tonight and I honestly felt sick, broken even. How could all this evil be going on in the world around us and us as followers of Christ, we hold the keys to LIFE in the most beautiful of ways, we hold the sword in our hands that has already defeated Satan and all of his evil schemes. We hold the Gold that God has so graciously given to us that breathes peace, joy, hope and eternal life of freedom and victory into each person He comes in contact with.

We have been given so so much but myself, like a lot of us, decide to take this awesome gift of Christ in our lives, and hold onto it. Hide behind our church walls watching the evil continue to kill and destroy the lives around us. It’s crazy to think of this Christian life, this power we’ve been given through the Holy Spirit living inside of us and the awesome purpose God has given us to witness!!! To share His love with the world through the Good News of the Gospel! This Christian life is so much bigger than your “church life.” This power we’ve been given isn’t meant to held inside the walls of the church or the walls of our cozy little houses. Jesus has given us everything we need to CHARGE THE GATES OF HELL!!! This purpose we’ve been given by Christ to live as Christ and share His Good News with others is a LIFE-changing, chain-breaking opportunity, but I know me personally, I so often sit on my hands. The realness of what this life we live as followers of Christ means is that we are on the “good Guy’s” team, and with Christ as our superhero sharing His power with us to use, we have the opportunity to fight, fight day in and day out against the evil one. Fight day in and day out for others who don’t know that theirs another team, fight against every piece of evil in this world. What a privilege we’ve been given!!! The question we have to ask and a question that I asked myself today is “what are we going to do about it?”

I have an experience from today that I don’t intend to tell you so you’ll say “aww look what Jordan did.” I can’t take any credit at all for this, it was an experience that I’m sharing to show you that this POWER, the Holy Spirit we have living within us, WOW!! I can definitely say that the God Gold isn’t just Gold in Words, God’s Gold is real life!!!

After feeling this conviction from the POWER and PURPOSE God has given to us and the fact that I don’t live in it majority of the time, along with realizing the BIGNESS of what’s at stake, people’s lives. I prayed this morning for God to teach me and show me how to access this power and witness for Him. I prayed for an opportunity to witness. It’s funny that when you ask God for stuff like this, you better get ready because He’s going to make it happen! I went all day, nothing. Driving home tonight I passed a guy that was walking down the road. A thought came up to do something for this guy (Holy Spirit.) I didn’t know what I could do then I remembered I had a Bible that someone had given me that had been sitting in the back seat of my car for quite awhile. I told myself at the time that I could give it to somebody but after months and months it’s easy to see where my intentions were.

I’ll be honest, everything in me wanted to just keep driving home and forget about it. The thoughts of doubt came up, “what if this guy rejected me, what if he felt offended by it, and besides with my car being so “clean” would I even be able to find the Bible?” Funny thing is, I reached back to my backseat, the first thing my hand hit was the Bible. So it was obvious at this point God was making it happen whether I liked it or not. Against my own desire to go home, I turned my car around and headed back towards the guy. I was terrified, why? Because being a witness for Christ is something I’ve hid from for so long, actually doing it was tough. I pulled up beside the guy and this was the extent of my convo with him.

Me: “hey man”

Him: hey what’s up”

Me: “saw you walking and wanted to give you this”

Him: “who does it belong to?”

Me: “it’s a Bible. I’ve had it in my car for awhile and I’ve been meaning to give it to somebody because this Word has completely changed my life, saw you walking and felt like you were the somebody.”

Him: “God bless you man. Thank you for this”

Me: “no problem dude. Hope it can help you as much as it’s helped me, lot of awesome stuff in there.”

Him: “thanks man. I really appreciate this.”

Me: “yes sir, my names Jordan by the way”

Him: “nice to meet you, my name is James.”

Me:”Nice to meet you man”

Him: “well have a good night and thanks again”

Me: “yes sir you too and really hope you enjoy reading that.”


That was it. As much as I’d love to say I shared the complete Gospel message with him and he got saved right there on the spot, it was a much simpler convo. I had no clue what I was doing giving a stranger on the side of the road a Bible and I could look back all day thinking I wish I would of said more but in that moment I know without a shadow of a doubt that Jordan, wasn’t in control. Jordan would have been on the way home if it was up to me. Thank God for intervening, thank God for so faithfully answering prayers, thank God for the gift of His Holy Spirit that gives us the courage and power to overcome our fear and do things we NEVER in a million years thought we’d be doing or even could do. To think I was scared of getting rejected and failing so bad but looking back what if I did? What if he would have cussed me out and spit in my face? Now thinking of the possibility of him opening up God’s Word and finding the truth, having God breathe NEW LIFE into Him and that guy becoming to know Christ personally. That guy having a relationship with Jesus and having His life completely transformed by the love of Christ. The thought of what God can do with that seed is too big to let a little fear of rejection ever hold us back from trying to plant the seed in witness to others.

This Spirit God has given us is no joke! This Gold God has shown us in His Word is REAL, so REAL it’s crazy!!! After feeling what it felt like to live under the control and power of the Holy Spirit and the LIFE it brings to others, I’m kicking myself for wasting so much time living my life for me in my power. God has given us everything! People need us to witness boldly! What are we going to do about it?