God Gold of the Day

Looking through some old Gold today that I had sent out awhile back way before these messages started reaching to you. I was stuck on this. It’s from a devotion my buddy Craig sent me and speaks so much truth. CALM. Celebrate God’s goodness. Ask God for help. Leave your concerns with Him. Meditate on good things.

Those four principles brought out by these verses are so HUGE for you and me. In a world filled with so much bad, so much negative talk and influence all around us, it can be easy to be anything but CALM. These past couple of weeks this has been a lesson that’s changed my life a lot and brought me closer than ever in my relationship with the Lord. Focus in on God, what is good, be thankful about what God has given you, and believe that when you take your concerns to God that you can leave them there because God is powerful enough to handle them, God is loving and faithful enough to gladly take them from you. When poop is hitting the fan, things in your life is getting wild, or you are trying to beat a stronghold of sin, whatever it is, be CALM. Remind yourself of CALM.

My grandma shared with me an awesome truth tonight that is simple but holds so much power. Belief causes behavior. If you believe you can’t do something or your situation is impossible then yeah, you are going to live like you can’t, living defeated and your situation will be impossible. The TRUTH is, you can’t but through you Christ can. The truth is that no situation is too impossible for our limitless God to bring you through. If you are CALM, really make a point and be super intentional about focusing on who God is, what He can do and the victory and freedom Christ has already given you, if you believe the truth that God says that anything is possible with Him, if you believe the truth that you can take any concern to God and He will give you more than enough not just to get through but triumph over it, then you will live it. It’s been such a revelation¬† to me these past couple of weeks, I would focus and believe what I couldn’t do, that my situation was too hard, but the moment your beliefs change, to the truth of what God says about you and who God is. EVERYTHING about how you live, act, speak and walk change completely. If you believe you are a born again child of God who is free of sin and death, who is victorious because of what Christ has done for you, then you best believe you will live like the Child of God that God says you are! Stay CALM, as much as you possibly can, for me I’ve had to pray for God to help my focus to be on Him, to open my eyes to see the blessings and work He is doing all around me, to help my belief. God has faithfully answered my prayers EVERY single time and my faith isn’t in what I can’t do anymore, my faith is completely dependent on God’s faithfulness and power, on what He can do which is literally anything! Be CALM today and let your beliefs grow ever stronger in our mighty, loving, always and forever faithful God!!!

And by the way, this picture is of my buddy Craig who sent me this. As you can see he is modeling what it looks like to be CALM!!!