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God Gold of the Day

Instead of the usual Son-day Surprise, I felt the need to share the story behind these messages. Just in case you ever wonder why I write these long, sometimes “too long”, wild messages everyday I wanted to share my heart and intentions behind these words. This is the background and foundation to the messages about the One who has changed my life forever.

The “God Gold of the Day” got it’s start when a close friend asked me to help him stay accountable in the Word and life. Being new in my faith, I had no idea what I was doing but it didn’t take long and the pure Gold God revealed to me turned my world upside down. I was coming into these messages and His Word for the first true time in my life. I had grown up in church throughout my younger years but being a “Christian” was nothing more than a title I walked around with because it looked good on my reputation. I had no idea what being a follower of Christ really was or how awesome a relationship with Him would be. Coming from a life of living in whatever way pleased Jordan the most, always trying to be so different than the status quo, I thought I was really living. It turned out my thought of what “living” was and being “different” led me into a lot of dark places and pulling others down with me as I went. When Jesus opened up my eyes to see that He had been there the whole time with open, loving arms, carrying me through my years of wild, worldly, and careless living, I was stunned at how wrong I was but most of all by His love. No matter what I tried from the buffet the world offered I always ended up with that empty feeling, a void that I couldn’t seem to fill until Jesus. He filled that void like nothing I’ve ever imagined, the empty brokenness turned to freedom and hope. Jesus blew my socks off to see what a true “Christian” was which was so much different than the image the world painted for me. I had wanted to be different so badly that I ended up swimming downstream with the rest of the fishes of the world, comfortably floating with the current. I was jaw dropped when I realized that following Jesus was more different than anyone could get and after learning of the truth that He loved me enough to die for me and give me a another way of living, another LIFE, I couldn’t help but want more. Jesus turned my world upside down, I went from spending my time in places, doing things that let’s just say, they weren’t all that great, to walking into a life of ministry. WHAT?!? Yeah, I was probably more shocked than anyone and to be honest it’s still hard to wrap my head around it. I obviously hadn’t spent much time in the Word and had no clue what to do in this new life with Jesus or even what page of God’s Word to start on.  I had a lot of old habits and demons to fight from my old life and the start of these messages, where it was taking a piece of Scripture then just writing whatever God brought up. These messages, seeing the truth and power in God’s Word and God in general, He transformed my life, completely took me apart, broke down my old ways of thinking and began to rebuild. I share that part to let you know that its not about what you know, it’s all about Who you know, and its amazing that He can take the most broken of people, people much more broken than I was and make something so beautiful. If you are just getting started and don’t know where to start, start with His literal Word spoken directly to you and He’ll take care of the rest.

So my buddy asked me to start an accountability message with Him and I wasn’t sure what to even say in the message but we just started sending stuff back and forth. It was simply sending a daily text to him sharing experiences, a piece of scripture, then really digging in deep to what God was speaking through that. As much as I was learning from those messages, I figured I would keep hitting send and if somebody gained anything from God’s Word and my experiences then it’d be worth sharing! It’s funny looking back at it, I had no intention of making these messages a thing because I just couldn’t stop doing them after the mind blown learning God was taking me through. If it was up to me I would have never kept hitting send or sharing messages everyday but thank God it’s not up to me. God had other plans and continued to grow the number of people receiving the God Gold message. I still just sit there kind of stunned when someone asks to receive the God Gold but it’s a testament to Christ and what He’s capable of doing even in a dude as clueless as I was and still am. I never in a million years thought I would be sending out messages like this but because of Jesus Christ and the work He continues to do daily in my life, everything I thought I’d be doing before 22 pretty much got thrown out the window. The only mission I have now is to share Christ in whatever way I can. Instead of pulling others down into the darkness with me He’s given me a second chance at LIFE. To walk out my days with Him and help show others that despite their past, the addictions, the hopelessness, they too have the same chance for Christ to lead them out of the darkness and into the light of His eternal LIFE.

The main purpose for spreading God’s Gold in bigger and better ways isn’t for any personal gain or to have my name anywhere near it. Besides, Christ is the only good part about me so I pray He will be magnified above all else. It’s all about Christ. The mission is to spread the Gold, spread Christ and the Gospel to as many as possible so that one life at a time can be impacted and transformed by the amazing love of Jesus Christ the way mine has been. I still type for myself and the learning God grows me through in His Word and experiences but as the Lord continues to move, seeing the opportunity to spread Christ even more and help other fellow believer’s in the similar struggles we face together. I’m amazed and so thankful to be able to type and send these. As the messages will always be the same, the mission continues to grow and whether that is through these online platforms or taking the God Gold to the streets as forms of outreach. However God decides to do that is good with me but I just want you to know how big of a role you play in this mission. Your support and the sharing of God Golds is doing a mighty work in my life and the Kingdom. Also, when you share and support this mission, don’t do it for me, do it for Christ and the spread of His Good News to reach others in need of hearing it because He’s the foundation, He’s the only reason these get sent out and He’s the only part of the mission that matters in the God Gold, our lives or any other ministry with Him at the lead. I pray that these devotion messages are an encouragement to you and move you closer to Christ as you walk out this adventure of life with Him and I pray for each and every person who reads this. Also, please pray for me to keep this foundation front and center as I type each message. I’ve seen how easy it can be to lose focus on Who all this is really about and there’s too many lives at stake to take the spread of this Good News lightly. Funny thing is, I still have no clue what I’m doing but the Lord continues to amaze me each and every day.