Golden Relationships

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And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.””

‭‭Matthew‬ ‭28:18-20‬ ‭

I hope everyone has had an awesome weekend! I’m pumped up for the week ahead and even more pumped up to share with you some really really really GOLDEN truths from God this week that I pray will push you and challenge you, and also teach you in so many ways for you to apply to your lives daily!

Last week, thankfully, God taught me some big time lessons on the area of “relationships.” It’s an area that I had looked over and lost focus of for so long but last week God put it on my heart and taught me some really awesome stuff about the importance of relationships and how to apply the lessons learned from His Word to the relationships He’s placed around me. I can’t begin to explain how full I felt last week! Embracing relationships, spending time being led by the Holy Spirit to be intentional in how I encourage others and love them, I just ket realizing more and more that this is what it’s all about! RELATIONSHIPS!!!

So this week we are going to dig into and tackle what seems to be the most challenging but also the most important area of our lives with Jesus, RELATIONSHIPS!!! After spending some more time in this tonight with some youth and my youth pastor, it hit me even harder not just how important relationships are, but also how in this world we have been led astray from bringing to those relationships what Jesus has called us to. As you see the verse above, I know I know, you’re probably thinking I’m about to give you this hyped up message on how we’re commanded to share the gospel and make disciples, and leave you with a convicting guilt trip of reasons why we need to be doing that. But I’m not. Well, not yet anyways!

These two verses where we see the Jesus gives us the Great Commission, these are going to be what we hold to during this time and stay close to as we dig into relationships. The easy thing to do is hammer home this mission given to us by Jesus and remind you this is what we need to be doing, but I’ve noticed in my own life and many others, that as followers of Christ we know the Great Commission, we know that Jesus has called us to make disciples and share the good news with others but I’ve noticed that a lot of preachers and people today hammer that home to us without actually showing us “what that looks like in our daily lives?”

That is why instead of hammering home more truth that you are already aware of, I want to spend time equipping you and being equipped myself to learn the little building block steps of faith we need to take to make this true in the relationships that God has placed in our lives! I know I personally see this and hear messages preached about this and so overwhelmed by how I need to be living on mission for Christ in this way, but without actually knowing what that would look like in my life, I fall short and feel like the weight of sharing the gospel with someone is too great for me to carry, I feel so overwhelmed that I just don’t even want to try because I don’t feel like I can or the fear of failure kicks in, or I feel like it’s not that big of a deal because nobody else around me is doing it or making an emphasis to do it so I can slip by comfortably without any body ever noticing. There’s a million reasons why we don’t take up our crosses and follow Jesus on this mission He’s given us so this week we’re going to dig into that. We’re going to dig through God’s Word and start with little, tiny steps that we can take in the relationships we have around us in our lives and learn how to live out this great commission in our lives. The biggest thing I want you to know is that I’m just as scared as you are and I’m learning right alongside you in this! I’ve put this to the side a lot of days of my life but there’s a reason why it’s called the GREAT, commission and not just the commission, because it’s bigger than anything else we’ll ever do, it brings a level of greatness to others lives as they experience Jesus and grow in Him and a level of greatness to our lives as we surrender to the power of the Holy Spirit and live this out daily.

So I just challenge you to meditate on these verses today, take some time to do some self evaluation on what scares you about this, why you don’t, who in your life could be that someone that God wants you to share the love of Christ with, and what little steps can you take to serve and love that person to begin building a foundation in which we will build on with the Good news of Jesus!

This week and hey, maybe two weeks or a month, just however long the Lord wants us to dig into this, we are going to dig into and see what it looks like to live on mission for Christ in the relationships that He’s placed around us in our daily lives! The aim through this is for the Great Commission to not just be something we KNOW, but to find our what it looks like in our lives so that it’s something we DO!!!

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24 year old dude with not a clue what he's doing but God's grace continues to amaze me! Current Seminary student, avid adventure seeker, and getting married to the most humble, weird, and beautiful girl on the planet! Wasted a lot of years living what I thought was the "good life", then Christ showed me what living really is. I pray that my story can somehow help in whatever way possible, to give encouragement and hope that Christ can do the same with you.

4 thoughts on “Golden Relationships”

  1. A challenge for you. Did you know that you can’t actually fulfill the Great Commission? Meditate on that for a moment. You can not fulfill the Great Commission. In fact no one can. There is only One who is able to ‘do’ it, and He is eager to fulfill it through us but there is a catch. Here’s the rub, we have to get out of His way in order to allow Him to fulfill this work.

    I know, I know it is confusing but what you propose has been a dangerous trap for many believers. Please allow me to explain. Matthew 28:18-20 was a commission given to Jesus’ disciples, not believers, disciples. There is a huge difference. These were men and women that gave up everything to follow Him and had His character somewhat formed in them at that point. They endured a long hard training process to get to this place. In going through this with Him they learned how to put down ‘self’ and allow the Father to flow through them, just as Jesus did. In this way God fulfilled the Great Commission through these yielded vessels. Not one of them, if you spoke to them today, would take any credit for that work.

    If we look at what God did through these disciples it literally changed the world BUT it was still God doing the work through yielded disciples. Now I ask you. Have you fulfilled Luke 14:33 to become a disciple? You see unless we give up all to follow Him we cannot be disciples. If we are still yet believers, who have not yet transmorgrified into being disciples. If we are not disciples then we still have a mixture of ‘self’ and spirit within.

    Therein lies the rub. With the ‘self’ nature still extant we will quickly corrupt the Great Commission and instead of making disciples we end up making converts. We will try and ‘do’ the Great Commission and will end up failing. Spectacularly. In essence we will end up creating people that look and act just like us, unwilling to give up ‘self’ to follow Jesus in totality. We can not, and will not, be able to create disciples unless we first become one. Look around how many disciples do you know? I do not mean those who claim the title. Look at their lives, compare it to Luke 14:33, compare their lives to Phil. 3:10. Have these people truly given up all to follow Jesus? If not then how can they claim to be disciples? How successful will they be in making disciples? True they may make many converts like themselves, but few, if any, will become disciples. History has been rife with many, many examples of ‘self’ filled believers who have attempted to fulfill the Great Commission and have ended up creating an empire focused solely on ‘self’.

    Do you see the danger? Context is crucial here. We must understand that Jesus is talking to His disciples about making disciples. Unless we become disciples first we have no hope in our’selves’ in being able to do what Jesus commanded without corrupting it. This is why I say no one can fulfill the Great Commission. BUT if there are brave souls that choose to give up all to follow Jesus into the wilderness then there is hope. For in the wilderness they will lose ‘self’ and become disciples. Then they will be filled with Jesus. When they go forth the Father will lead them to whomever He chooses, gives them words to speak, acts to perform, and the Word will go forth. Instead of something we do, the Great Commission just flows from us because it is truly just the Father working through a vessel that is His own.

    Do you ever why we have millions of ‘Christians’ on the planet but dying and dead churches everywhere; a rampant rise of hedonism and selfishness running roughshod over everyone and hopeless despair at every corner? Doesn’t it bother you that we, who proclaim to have Jesus, look nothing like Him nor carry His power? Could it be that the Father will not release His power and fulfill the Great Commission because there are too many followers but almost no disciples?

    Anyways, something to think about.

    Blessings to you my brother,
    Homer Les

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to challenge me in this! I appreciate you more than you know for the truth and rawness you bring into my life with your words. Absolutely love how you don’t hold back but speak Gods truth and only Gods truth! Seriously thank you so much!

      This is an area that I’ve come to learn more and more on this journey, and as you’ll see in my post today and many posts before, Ive learned the hard way that I can do nothing apart from Christ. And that’s something I pray over a lot for God to keep me accountable with in sharing these messages with other believers because I have spent most of my life living and being surrounded by what selfish, religious, man centered Christianity and like you mentioned, that’s not at all what God has called us to. I thank you for keeping me accountable here in that truth of our relationship with Christ and the hinderance that comes when “self” is put into the equation. I ask that you please continue to keep me accountable in this area and the truth of the Gospel message, the truth that following Christ and living on mission for Him is not something we can do, but it’s simply yielding self to His power, presence and control in our lives. I agree this can be an extremely dangerous trap and one that I would never want to steer any believer into.

      My heart with these messages comes from my personal experience lately in seeing how God works through my life when I am completely out of the picture, hitting my knees in complete surrender to Him to trust in His power, His guidance and Him to accomplish the mission that Christ has laid before us in the lives around me. It’s been the craziest, most awesome experience I’ve ever had. Like you mentioned, doing less and giving up self, God has worked through me through His Spirit in ways I can’t explain. I noticed I was speaking to people I usually wouldn’t take the time to speak with, loving and encouraging people I usually wouldn’t care to, my actions and character wasn’t me at all, and I can take no credit for it but it was in realizing that it’s all Jesus and none of me that the Great Commission flowed out in ways I could’ve never done on my own.
      It’s been quite a learning process and life changing to say the least but experiences that I wanted to share with other believers and especially in this context!
      Like you mentioned many times, the number of followers compared to the number of disciples in this world is heart breaking. I noticed in my own life and so many others around me that there is such a sense of comfortability and selfishness that we’ve fallen into as followers of Christ. And in the process of this, the Great Commission has taken a back seat to so many selfish pleasures, busy schedules, entertainment and material driven lives, so much has turned us away from this.
      After Christ has been teaching me and breaking down self in this wilderness season He’s taken me through lately, He’s allowed me to experience more of what He’s capable of when we get ourselves out the way so I felt led to share that with others along with the fact that in this comfortable Christianity culture we live in, we here these verses of the Great Commission, but it seems to stop there. I’ve struggled with this myself and seeing so many others struggle with this, that like you also mentioned, which thank you again for this God Gold!!! We have so many followers but so few actual disciples of Christ, in part because there is a lack of teachers and preachers, actually equipping believers with the truth that they can’t do this, it’s only through Christ, with Christ, as One with self completely out of the picture. God has placed it on my heart to help people see these foundational truths but also help equip them with what living on mission for Christ looks like in their lives. Taking a look into God’s Word for examples and principles of how Jesus and so many others followed God in this Great Commission that is centered around our relationship with God first and foremost and also our relationship with others. I have felt led to help equip others to see what living on mission for Christ, completely under the control of the Holy Spirit looks like in their lives when it comes to relationships instead of giving this Great Commission and stopping there. But hopefully equipping them and stirring them to see what Christ has allowed me to see in how to treat others, how to love and encourage, how to build relationships with others that lead to sharing the Gospel message and all under the context of being completely dominated and led by the Spirit in this adventure.
      Thank you so much for your words of wisdom and truth here and sorry for the long response, there was just so much in your words that I agree with wholeheartedly and gets me extremely fired up as you can see! I ask you please pray for me with these upcoming messages that God will get me out of the way and use His Words and truth to equip and move peoples hearts to truly follow after Him as disciples, and set a desire in them to be disciple makers! Thanks!

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      1. Thank you for the kind words. I do apologize if I came out too strong but I am passionate for disciples to be disciples, not just name it and claim it clones. There is a backstory to this you’ll want to hear…eventually. Your heart, passion and humility are things I very much want to encourage. I know that your heart is ever before the Father, willing to learn how He wants to reach out to those that don’t know Him. You are definitely on the right path and He is guiding you.

        Part of my angst has to do with many in religion who have neither your passion, nor humility, in reaching others with the love of Jesus. The say they do but in their immaturity (and many times by calculated design) end up creating converts to a religious system that ends up harming people. Your response tells me that this is not what will happen with you. 🙂 The focus you have on relationships is bang on. It is critical to the making of a disciple.

        It has been a conundrum for a very long time in my brain. Being a disciple means letting go of ‘self’. This automatically repels people with ‘self’. So how do you draw people who have ‘self’ to live a life where their ‘self’ nature dies? See the conundrum? By its very nature discipleship is offensive. What amazes me was that Jesus knew exactly how to do navigate this fine line.

        First of all He never called disciples from the masses that followed Him. He correctly discerned that they followed Him to get something for ‘self’. Be it healing or food or wisdom, it was always about ‘self’. Jesus never trusted Himself with these people. This is just as true today. Many, many believers only follow God for what they can get. Read 1000 blog posts and you’ll see the vast majority focus on what Jesus gives them. Very few focus on what is in this relationship for God. Likewise today Jesus does not entrust Himself to believers. He can’t. The vast majority of those that call themselves Christians will never, even remotely, qualify as a disciple.

        So He waits and watches the few, the individuals, that are willing to start giving up ‘self’, even a little bit, in faith. Think 1, maybe 2, percent of believers. Those He encourages, step by step, to follow Him. This is not easy when you cannot see the very God you are following. It is a whole lot easier when there is flesh and bone to talk to and observe. The early disciples had it the easiest for they could see Jesus in action 24×7. Today precious few have walked that path. With only the Bible for a model and the Holy Spirit guiding them they have to walk the rocky paths of the wilderness and learn how to be a disciple in the 21st century. This is definitely not easy. Mistakes are made, troubles abound, but they do not quit. Where would they turn? They have cast their lot solely on the lap of God to hold them how can they turn back to the world when their very Beloved is leading them? Those that pass through the fires of discipleship are extremely rare but they do exist.

        I do believe that a time is coming shortly when these modern disciples will be released to make new disciples. Ones that will be able to see, hear and touch those that have gone through the process first. After 2000 years this is a welcome shift. These new disciples will have to walk with those that have gone before to see what is involved with losing ‘self’ and trusting God for everything. The cost will be high. The attrition rate may be high as well but these new disciples will be able to truly fulfill His commission.

        This process is not easy. I hear your heart to encourage others to follow. The reality is that few will be able to hear the call. This is why we call out, like Paul said, Follow me as I follow Christ. It takes years of sacrifice to make a disciple. Once proven and tested in the fire the character of our Beloved will be formed in them and they will be able to forge ahead in making disciples. I do not want to discourage you in any way, only to temper expectations and bring a dose of reality as to what is involved. You are on the right path to become God’s Gold. If you can hang on while His fire burns through ‘self’, forged in the furnace of affliction, you will become His very own Golden vessel.

        Jesus’ message is truth. You are wise to bring it forth. As you become a disciple yourself the wine will mature with age and become full-bodied and aromatic. Believers will smell the aroma of Jesus in you and be drawn to follow you as you follow Him. It will also mean that you will become a repugnant stench to those that want and promote ‘self’. That is the reality all disciples endure. If you patiently endure to end Jesus will flow through you to others as you say.

        I will continue to pray for you and that the Father’s heart will beat through your every word in this series of messages. Get God’s Gold out there! 🙂

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      2. No need to apologize at all! I am thankful to have your passion and wisdom by my side while learning the truths of discipleship and what following Christ looks like. I also thank you so much for your encouragement! I’ll never be able to explain how much these words mean and have strengthened me.

        I have nothing to say on this topic that you have not already said here! After spending time on international missions and spending my time growing up in the very religious, comfortable Christianity atmosphere, I’ve always questioned a lot of things and nothing fires me up more than this area of things. It breaks my heart that this kind of lifestyle is so relevant and real among so many. I just pray everyday to be guarded from this and pray that somehow, someway God will use myself and others like you to help turn the tide from that Americanized Christianity.
        Thankful for your messages that have reminded me the cost that will come from following Jesus on this adventure, it won’t be easy but it’ll be worth every second of it! Appreciate your heart for people in this and thankful to have your words to keep my eyes focused on the truth when there is so many lies around me.
        Praying for you in this journey that God will continue to use you in this battle to spread His truth to the masses. Excited to see how God will use you as He is already using you to encourage me in ways that I still can’t put to words! Thanks again and saving this comment in my notes because it has truly been such a truth packed lesson for me!

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