Training Season

God Gold of the Day

“Those who live only to satisfy their own sinful nature will harvest decay and death from that sinful nature. But those who live to please the Spirit will harvest everlasting life from the Spirit. So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.

‭‭Galatians‬ ‭6:8-9‬

I’ve been in a pretty different kind of season lately. We all go through different seasons of life, some busy, some slow and chill, some are just really awesome and some can be tough. I’ve been in a season that at times I’ve wondered how I’ll get through it. Even though it’s gotten tough at times, God has shown me something pretty daggum cool! This season has gone against everything I’ve always done, I’m a laid back, slow going individual who likes to have a good time and go wherever the wind blows me. This season has brought a level of busyness that I’ve never imagined, between working two jobs, doing school online, getting ready for a wedding and a new life with my beautiful lady friend, and sending out the God Gold, it’s been tough at times but in the toughness I’ve been able to see how God is allowing me to get extremely uncomfortable. Having only enough time that if I don’t wake up early everyday and stick to a pretty strict schedule, I won’t be able to do what He’s put in front of me. Having to say no to the “fun” opportunities to hang out and just chill with my buddies, having to be a go-getter instead of my usual go at my own pace and we’ll get there eventually. I’ve never gotten stressed very much but for the first time in my life I can say that stress is real. All that to say, this season has had its fair share of tough moments but at the end of the day it’s been easy to see that God is training me!

It’s a training season! Learning how to lean on Him more than ever before, learning how to be better at time management, priorities, and most of all when I get tired and really don’t feel like “doing good”, or living to please the Spirit, in the past those are moments I would have given in to my sinful nature but with all that’s currently going on in my life, it’s been easier to spot out the difference in what sowing in righteousness brings compared to giving into my own sinful desires. The hardest thing about this season has been having faith. The more God is training me and disciplining me to live in His ways, His righteousness, I can’t physically see with my own eyes a lot of the times the harvest He’s bringing for it.

There’s been so many moments I want to go back to my old ways and just chill out but there is training taking place. The hard part about training is continuing to battle and grind when you aren’t seeing immediate results for the hard work and faithfulness displayed. It takes faith to continue doing what is good when the option to do whatever  sounds a lot better at the moment. It’s not even our own faith we are to lean on to continue doing good even when we don’t feel like it, it’s God’s faithfulness! When peering into how constantly faithful and loving He always is, it makes the decision to continue attacking the grind day in and day out for His glory instead of our own. Knowing that He never fails us, that He only works things for our good, that’s all we need to know moving forward in the season He’s taking us through. We may not see the harvest that is to come, but we can see Him, we can press in and lean on Him, because He is the only way to everlasting life!

Whatever season you’re going through, you’re always being trained for the season ahead! God is preparing you for what comes next so even if it doesn’t seem all that magnificent or important, press in and keep grinding to serve the Spirit, to do good! You may not see an immediate harvest but God is molding you, shaping you, and growing you into a much better version of yourself that you would never be able to be without Him! You may be tired, you not feel like it matters but it does matter and it’s definitely worth it! Keep fighting the good fight today trusting in God’s never ending faithfulness and work in your life! What may not seem like a big deal today will make all the difference tomorrow! Get up and get after it today! God is at work! It’s training season baby!!! God is the potter and we are the clay!!! I can’t wait to see what He forms and shapes us into!

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24 year old dude with not a clue what he's doing but God's grace continues to amaze me! Current Seminary student, avid adventure seeker, and getting married to the most humble, weird, and beautiful girl on the planet! Wasted a lot of years living what I thought was the "good life", then Christ showed me what living really is. I pray that my story can somehow help in whatever way possible, to give encouragement and hope that Christ can do the same with you.

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