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“So I recommend having fun, because there is nothing better for people in this world than to eat, drink, and enjoy life. That way they will experience some happiness along with all the hard work God gives them under the sun.”

‭‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭8:15‬ ‭

Hope y’all had a super awesome hump day and I’m jacked up to share this Word with you! I’m going to get personal with you for a minute to put some context on why this verse hits so deep for me and how it can hopefully hit even deeper with you.

I’ve been in a season of life where it’s been filled with a lot more lows than highs, a lot of transition, big decisions to be made, and all that wrapped together can cause for a whole lot of chains. By chains I’m talking about what facing all that stuff without God can do to you. As humans, especially in this world we live in right now, self-made, fast-food, I want this, I can figure this out. You know what I’m talking about? When handling moments in life that are tough and not how you planned them to be, having this worldly mentality can hurt you a lot more than it can help you. The worry, fear, anxiety, and doubt can wrap you up so quickly in those chains. The world will and can do that to you, life is going to hit you in the face at times, but when life hits, it doesn’t have to hurt if you are doing life with God. If there’s one thing this low season has taught me is that I’m not in control, if I try to figure things out and do it in my own, I’ll fail every time and end up in more and more of those chains. It’s because we are not capable of carrying the burdens of life and THANK GOD for giving us His Son so we don’t have to!!!!

Jesus has paid the price, won the ultimate victory for us to have life and life abundantly. We don’t have to be all the things that the world tells us to be because we are His, in this world but not of it because we are citizens of Heaven!!! The biggest struggle in this season of taking the hits is that I looked past the Gospel and tried to do it myself, and the failure that comes with trying to do yourself what Jesus has already done lead to a lot of pain on the inside. Those chains that can wrap you up of worry, fear and all that crap. They wrap you up so you can’t go places, do things, and just live enjoying this awesome life God has given us and the awesome blessings He has placed in our life.

This verse today was simple but it spoke so true. Have fun! That’s it! Just have fun! Embrace the fact that you serve a God that is in full control of your life, so you are no longer needed to “fix it.” He’s got you! With faith in Jesus Christ you are a child of God! There’s nothing in this world that can hurt you, literally NOTHING!! Because at the end of the day you have Jesus and you have life through and with Jesus for eternity! Nothing or nobody can take that away!! So enjoy life! Enjoy life and all the many blessings God has given you starting with the first breath you take when you wake up to each step He has given you the power to take! Be thankful and never stop being thankful for the victory Christ has won for you and every piece of life that God gives you! He gives us so much because He loves us so deeply and so abundantly that He wants to help us put all the chains aside that this world can so easily place on you and have some stinkin fun living in His freedom!

Even in your work today! Enjoy the work you do and be thankful that you have a place to go and do work that you can be proud of! Enjoy the blessings God gives you from being able to work, the money He gives through the pay checks so that you can provide for yourself and loved ones! And one more chain I almost forgot, the performance chain. The “I have to be the best mentality” that we so often live with. Yes work hard and yes try to be your very best for the Lord but if you work so hard you aren’t enjoying life, then step back and slow down! It’s crazy in the middle of putting so many parts of my life under my performance and work, you miss out on the greatest parts of life that God has given you. Relationships with others, having fun and just enjoying life! At the end of the day, I look back at my 24 years of life so far and each time something big or awesome is brought into my life, it’s God’s hand at work not mine. Trust in Him and step back for a second. He’s got this and He’s got you!!!

Wake up today, this day the Lord has made, BE THANKFUL AND BE GLAD IN IT!!! This life is so precious and the work God does in it along with the blessings He gives us is just too awesome to be wrapped up in any kind of chain! By what Jesus has done for us, you are free and you get to live in this awesome freedom Christ has given!!! Have fun!!! In everything you do, enjoy it! Behind it all, God has given you the breath and strength to do it so enjoy it, have peace and just live man!!! This life wasn’t meant for us to be chained up in our problems, this life was meant for us to live the awesome fact that Jesus has already won the victory over our problems, God is always working in such good ways for our good! Trust in that, be thankful, and just have fun!!! As you can see in the pic today, don’t be a Patrick, be a daggum Spongebob and have a good time! Let the world see how much fun it is to be a born again child of God!!!!!

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24 year old dude with not a clue what he's doing but God's grace continues to amaze me! Current Seminary student, avid adventure seeker, and getting married to the most humble, weird, and beautiful girl on the planet! Wasted a lot of years living what I thought was the "good life", then Christ showed me what living really is. I pray that my story can somehow help in whatever way possible, to give encouragement and hope that Christ can do the same with you.

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