Lessons in the Low

God Gold of the Day

“Remember how the Lord your God led you through the wilderness for these forty years, humbling you and testing you to prove your character, and to find out whether or not you would obey his commands./Deuteronomy 8:2

These verses really stuck out to me yesterday and I’m so thankful to for the lesson the Lord is teaching me through them. So lately I’ve been going through a season of life that’s been different than what I thought it would be. At 24 years old you would expect that life is figured out, you’re moving into the profession the Lord has called you to, everything is just working out like peaches and cream. Nah not exactly. While still finishing online seminary and working whatever job I can, it’s been extremely hard to be patient and not get so caught up in future plans that I lose complete focus on what He’s teaching me right now. I caught myself the other day just getting mad and questioning God, “if you’ve called me to ministry why am I working in a grocery store?” The problem with this is I had been doing this for quite awhile but not realizing it. I’ve been so upset that I’m not right where I want to be in my profession that it’s hindered how I act and live in this season. It’s blinded me to the fact that I’m in ministry wherever God puts me and I may not be where I want to be, but God has me where I need to be.

After looking at these verses, it’s obvious to me where I made my mistake. The Israelites had the vision set before them by the Lord of going to the promised land and that vision got them all jacked up to go until they realized to get to the promised land, they had to go through the Wilderness first. They spent so many years wandering around in the wilderness, facing hard times constantly and their faith in what God had promised them became smaller and smaller. So many times they questioned God because being uncomfortable, hungry, thirsty, struggling in the wilderness didn’t seem worth it. As their circumstances got tougher, their faith in the vision of the promised land got dimmer. Why would God take us through seasons and places that take us so lower than we’re wanting to go, make us uncomfortable and clueless to why we’re there?

Well after realizing how I had been so caught up in vision of the promised land and looking at my current circumstances saying you gotta be kidding. The Lord humbled me big time after seeing the purpose and reason to why I am where I am. The Wilderness seasons of life are tough, they don’t make sense at all but you’re in them for a reason. I see now why I’m here, instead of working half go and taking more time to get upset over my situation, it’s easy to see now that God put me here to take me low. He’s taking me out of my comfort zone, challenging my pride and humbling the mess out of me all so I can learn to trust in the His process over my own. It’s been hard to understand but at the end of the day God takes us through the wilderness so when we get to that promised land, whatever that is for you, we’ll walk into it praising His name. After learning how to trust Him at new levels in the wilderness, He better equips us to trust Him in the promised land. He teaches us to always attack what’s in front of you, no matter how much better you think you are or how you don’t want to be there, attack it with a humble, joyful attitude knowing that if we’re going to truly live and see the promised land God has in store, the hard work and embracing the discipline He’s taking us through now will be what gets us there.

We could see the wilderness and then cry, moan and complain all day. And guess what? Is that moving us closer to His promise or just wasting our lives wandering around asking why? Attack what’s in front of you, with your eyes set on God’s purpose and will, seeking what’s to be learned there. Seeking how He is stretching and growing you during that time. It may not be where we think we should be but it’s where God has us so all we can do is trust that despite how bad it looks, He’s got a much bigger purpose He’s working together. Attack the right now with a tenacity and enthusiasm unknown to mankind, looking forward to what God has in store but not looking past what’s in front of you. Such a huge lesson for me to see God’s goodness in this process. Trust the process. The promised land is ahead but if you don’t move towards it with God how will you ever get there?

Looking at my surrounding situation in God’s eyes instead of my own, I’m so thankful to even have work to do. I’m excited to attack it because the more it makes me uncomfortable, I can see God bringing me to the end of myself, realizing my desperate need for Him. I don’t know what’s going to happen or how it will all play out but I’m so daggum jacked to see what God has in store and what attacking each day and each job, whether it’s cleaning toilets or much bigger with enthusiasm unknown to mankind. Lessons in the low make the big that God has in store so much more exciting!!!

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24 year old dude with not a clue what he's doing but God's grace continues to amaze me! Current Seminary student, avid adventure seeker, and getting married to the most humble, weird, and beautiful girl on the planet! Wasted a lot of years living what I thought was the "good life", then Christ showed me what living really is. I pray that my story can somehow help in whatever way possible, to give encouragement and hope that Christ can do the same with you.

2 thoughts on “Lessons in the Low”

  1. I remember asking myself a similar question a few years ago. I was headed for divorce, doing a janitorial job, and asking God why He didn’t have me doing what I was called to do. It was a lesson from the wilderness. Today, I am a hospice chaplain and performing much more hands-on ministry than I ever did from a stage. The spotlight is extremely tempting earlier on, but the “glamour” isn’t so glamorous later. The older I get, the more my ministry becomes like that of Jesus – personally addressing one need at a time.


    1. I really appreciate you sharing that because it’s hard not to want the biggest and brightest stage. It’s awesome hearing your perspective with it. Learning that lesson the hard way every day but one need at a time is something I’m going to keep close! Thanks for that!

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